MockV Solutions Announces Issuance of Utility Patent for Viral Clearance Platform Technology by the European Patent Office 

June 9th 2019 

MockV Solutions Announces Issuance of Utility Patent for Viral Clearance Platform Technology by the European Patent Office 

Rockville, MD – June 9th 2019 – MockV Solutions, Inc. (MockV or the Company), a biotechnology company developing non-infectious viral clearance prediction products that address the unmet needs of process development scientists as they establish biopharmaceutical manufacturing platforms, announced today that the European Patent Office has granted EP3044339B1 entitled “Methods for Evaluating Viral Clearance from a Biopharmaceutical Solution Employing Mock Virus Particles.” This patent claims methods of adding non-infectious particles to biopharmaceutical material, processing the material through a purification technique and quantifying the removal of the non-infectious particles by the purification technique. Examples of these broad claims include the use of MockV’s Mock Virus Particles (MVPs) as spiking agents for downstream bioprocessing applications. Similar claims have been granted in the US (Patent # 9,632,097) and have entered national phase in Japan, China and Australia. 

“MockV continues to pursue broad patent coverage for its viral clearance platform technology, first with these method claims and soon by kit composition claims,” stated David A. Cetlin, MS, Chief Executive Officer of MockV Solutions. “Our non-infectious MVPs can be used as accurate and economic surrogates to the live mammalian viruses, which typically serve as spiking agents during viral clearance validation studies. MVPs are enabling bioprocess scientists to obtain viral clearance data throughout process development and characterization at a fraction of the current time and costs. Recent published data has demonstrated that our lead MVP, modeled after Minute Virus of Mice, is physicochemically similar to live MVM and able to predict MVM for Virus Filtration and Anion Exchange chromatography experiments. This recent patent is an important Milestone toward securing a sound patent estate and establishes a platform to pursue or technology.” 

About MockV Solutions Inc. 

MockV Solutions, Inc. (MVS) is a biotechnology company commercializing non-infectious viral-surrogate tools for a variety of industries that currently rely on expensive and logistically challenging live virus analysis. MockV is developing a novel series of analytical assay kits which will enable biopharmaceutical process development scientists to study the efficacy of manufacturing techniques intended to remove or inactive virus, a contaminant of great concern during the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. These products are only approved for clinical or commercial use after their manufacturing processes demonstrate sufficient viral clearance. Currently, this is accomplished through the use of live mammalian model viruses (ex. MVM and XMuLV) in expensive and logistically challenging “spiking studies”. The lack of economical and accurate means of analyzing viral clearance during small scale process development 

increases the risk of failing viral clearance regulatory requirements – jeopardizing the timely approval of potentially life-altering therapies. MockV’s lead product, the MVM-MVP Kit contains a non-infectious “Mock Virus Particle” (MVP) that mimics the physicochemical characteristics of live infectious MVM, as well as reagents and components to quantify MVP in solution. For further information regarding MockV Solutions, Inc., please visit the Company’s website at